Our Projects

Sustainability, our daily concern

We select our raw materials with great care and only choose ingredients of 100% organic sources and fair trade. The ingredients which determine our flavors, are transformed in our production plant. We cold-press our ginger and curcuma roots freshly and prepare our maceration of flowers or spices ourselves.

Logo Agriculture Biologique
Logo Agriculture Biologique


We have a special interest in supporting local economic development and preserving natural resources. Thus, we are involved in programs which try to balance a supportive community with a positive ecological footprint.
Our objective is a cooperation with a local organization who will take on the cleaning of our used glass bottles in order to use them up to 17 times! The “Pfandsystem” plays a double role: preservation of resources and promotion of organizations with a positive social impact. We are, right now, running a test phase with such a partner.
The logo „Mehrweg“ certifies our involvement towards this concept, important for our German partners and increasingly for the French as well!